Woman Trucker Fired After Filing Workers’ Compensation Benefits

female truck driver firedSandra Terry, a truck driver has filed a lawsuit on Sept. 17, 2013.

The suit is against TMCI Transportation, Thomas J. Manville, and the Peoplease Corporation in Madison County Circuit Court.

The woman claims she was fired from her trucking job because she filed to receive workers compensation benefits.

Terry worked as a commercial truck driver for TMCI, and she received an injury on August 9, 2008, according to her complaint.

Seems like a long time before filing a complaint over 5 years since firing!

Sandra Terry filed for workers compensation benefits including time off work, and medical treatment because her injury happened while doing her job.

The general damages that Terry is looking to receive is over $100,000, and lost wages, and benefits plus exemplary damages, pre-judgment interest, punitive damages, costs, then to top it off, other relief that the court deems fair.

I don’t know what all that means, but it sounds like a whole lot of moola!

The firing occurred on On Sept. 20, 2008, Tmci Trucking fired her and Thomas J. Manville approved the termination, with full knowledge that the firing took place because of her filing of a workers’ compensation claim, says the complaint.

The female big rig driver will be represented by D. Jeffrey Ezra of Ezra and Associates.




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