Why Is There An Expected Shortage Of Truck Drivers For Trucking Jobs?

Older drivers retiring, Industry growth, tougher regulations are some reasons for the predicted shortfall.

Large numbers of the latest trucking positions are anticipated to be generated across the country over the up coming 4-5 years.

However the market sector says that it is becoming more difficult to locate truckers to occupy those positions. There is a number of reasons for the shortage of truck drivers in this country.

First the hiring standards for truck-drivers has increased a lot in the last few years.  There are a lot of older drivers about to retire, also there are numerous potential drivers that just do not want to spend the time away from home that is required of an over the road truck driver.

The (AMA) or American Trucking Association affirms that over 200,000 brand-new positions are going to be necessary throughout the next dozen years to fulfill the need for transporting products, as the economic system is by and large anticipated to maintain a calculated recovery.

We are enduring much more of a quality issue as compared to a quantity situation. We could very well move through twenty five applications with out carrying out a single hiring.

Some of the things that prevent companies from hiring a driver are a conviction of a felony, accidents and speeding tickets, expanding regulations and rules, along with training courses which can cost you as much as $6,000, and the outcome is an extreme scarcity in the sector.

The starting pay for most drivers is $28,000 to $35,000 a year. the average truck driver’s pay is $37,770. If you are an experienced driver it is possible to make $100,000. a year, let me repeat that one hundred thousand smackers a year.

(Picture of my big rig)

Not having more truckers, the shortfall may very well in the near future bring on increased consumer price tags and distribution delays. A serious deficiency of drivers nationally has businesses bending over backwards to acquire brand new workers.

Those big rigs need to be rolling to keep this country running, without the trucks doing their job, the whole economy will suffer, or even collapse.


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