Watch The World’s First Truck Driving Hamster Steer A Volvo Truck-Video


by Robert Allen

I bet you were thinking I was joking around about a hamster steering a big rig truck, right? I know this isn’t the usual hard hitting serious trucking news that you have come to expect from Real Truck Driver Blog, oh well.

The hamster is from the United Kingdom and his name is Charlie, this is a stunt from Volvo to promote their trucks. This YouTube video has become a sensation all across the internet.

This unusual stunt by Charlie was done to help promote a new technology making steering a large loaded truck super easy.

Charlie the truck driving hamster is a big hit and has been seen by almost 4 million people, well at least about 4,000,000 views.

I’m sure many people watched it more than once, the name of the online film is The Hamster Stunt.

This stupid stunt has Charlie the hamster become famous when he becomes Mighty Hamster and is the world’s first big truck driving hamster and steers a massive Volvo truck, driving along a very narrow and uneven quarry track in the country of Spain.

I guess it’s not stupid, since there’s almost 4 million views, that’s 8 million eyeballs watching, (unless some of them have only 1 eyeball).

Grace Dickinson is the animal trainer that took care of the hamster on the set. No hamsters were injured in the making of this important film.

Charlie the big rig driving hamster could not be reached for a statement prior to releasing this post.

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