Could Veterans of the Military Stop Truck Driver Shortage in the United States

President of the United States Obama has finalized the Military Commercial Driver’s Licensing Act of 2012 and signed into law.

The newly passed bill “Military Commercial Drivers’ License Act of 2012″ will make it simpler for veterans as well as active service people to acquire a commercial driver’s license (CDL) that is needed for a truck driving job.

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Christopher Grant from Truck Jobs Today and CEO claims that “Our own country is struggling with a crucial trucker shortfall that may skyrocket over the next several years”.

“Which will cause buyer merchandise costs to escalate and damage the economic system.”

The bill is going to allow a active duty service male or female to undergo the education and technical training needed to receive a commercial driver’s license.

While carrying out their jobs in service for the United States Of America, the reality that they could be serving inside a state instead of their own home state will not be a hurdle anymore.

Because of the finalizing of the Military Commercial Drivers’ License  Act of 2012, states are now able to give out a valuable CDL license to military members that happen to be domiciled within a different state.

This particular bill not just gives excellent career choices, but can make it simpler for our own military services personnel to cross over easily into civilian life.

Along with permitting military services members to sign up within the states in which they serve, this law permits the Department of Defense to partner with states to distribute commercial drivers’ license on their own.

The provision is designed to benefit from the instruction that a number of fellow members of the military services obtain operating large motor vehicles.

I think that there has been a lot of bad legislation in the last 10 years concerning truck drivers’, but this bill is good for veterans and good for this country.


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