Vampire Truck Driver From Utah Held Sex Slaves In Trailer

A Vampire Fanged Trucker In Utah Has Been Accused Of Holding Sex Slaves In A Semi Trailer For Many Months!

A truck driver in Utah traveled around the nation with sex slaves undetected in his semi trailer for months at a time. He altered their appearance, filed down their teeth and beat them into unconsciousness during this time.

The perpetrator is 54 year old Timothy Jay Vafeades. He appeared in U.S. District Court in Fargo, N.D.on Wednesday. Further proceedings will take place in Utah. He is charged with possessing child pornography, kidnapping and transportation for the purpose of illegal sexual activity. If convicted, he could face a life sentence.

Richard Henderson is the public defender representing Vafeades. He could not be reached for comment. In Salt Lake City an arrest warrant was filed on Tuesday. The warrant states that the suspect kidnapped a nineteen year old relative in May of 2013.

She had recently returned from Florida for the purpose of working with Vafaedes on his truck, which was called the Twilight Express.

The teenager told the suspect that she wanted to return home after a week with him; however, she reports that he strangled her and threatened violence. He kept her for six months while traveling through Tennessee, Texas, Nevada, Washington and other states.

A criminal complaint states that during this time, Vafeades raped the teen over a hundred times. Additionally, he chipped her teeth down and forced her to wear false teeth. The teen says that Vafeades also wore false teeth with vampire fangs.

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On November 26th, Vafeades was apprehended and arrested at a Clay County MN weigh station. Officers there noticed that the teen had bruises. They discovered that a restraining order had been taken out against Vafeades in 1999 prohibiting him from making contact with the teen.Sharpened Teeth Of The Vampire Big Rig Driver

Following his arrest another woman contacted authorities and told them that Vafeades had alsoheld her captive in his truck.   She said that she met Vafeades in April of 2012 at a truck stop in Salt Lake City.

Vafeades asked her to dinner, and she agreed and got in his truck with him. However, after about ten minutes driving he told her that he planned to hold her in the truck for at least a week.

Is this some weird attempt at this guy pretending to be a vampire, changing the girls into vampires, and then pretending that he turned them into vampires so that he would be their creator? With a story like this, you know that rape is probably a given, but for this to be happening for months at a time, and the girls riding across the country having no idea if the next stop will be the last stop makes it even more vomit inducing. Source: Uproxx

The woman states that she was held captive for around three months. She says that during this time Vafeades raped her and called her his slave.

The woman also says that the suspect disguised her identity by cutting her hair and coloring it. She further stated that he forced marriage on her.

Vafeades faces a number of charges at a state level in Minnesota. He also faces federal charges. Currently, he is being held in Clay County Jail. He will be transferred to Utah shortly.


  1. Wow!! I haven’t heard about this one. It’s sad, it really is. You have to be careful who gets in your truck and which trucks you get in. Filing down teeth, that’s extreme stuff there. He deserves life, no question.

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