Trucking Industry Will Suffer From U.S. Government Shutdown

Truckers May Feel The Pain From Government Shutdown

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The United States Government shutdown could harm the transportation industry.

This includes national trucking companies.

The President of the American Trucking Association, Bill Graves appeared on the Fox Business Network earlier this month.

Graves claims that the trucking industry is in a recovery from the recession for the last few years.

With the U.S. hitting the debt limit, and the outcome of the government shutdown, the recovery could be reversed.

We think the government shutdown and the potential for ongoing debate over the debt ceiling could really have a very, very negative impact on consumer confidence on the overall health of the economy, he said. From  Transport Topics News.

There are more factors to consider, like the truck drivers that haul loads for the United States Government.

The Department of Transportation says that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and enforcement of trucking regulations will continue as usual and the U.S. government shutdown that started on October 1st will have no effect on us.

If you’re a veteran that served our country, and want to pay your respect to your brothers in arms that have been killed serving the U.S. expect the monuments to be closed.

Matter of fact there is more money being spent on fencing and security than would be spent on keeping them open.

What a Kick in the Crotch!

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