Trucker Dies and Carrier Refused To Transport Body Or Belongings To His Family

Dead truck driver returned to family

Family And Friends of Deceased Driver Raymond White

On the 15th of July, Raymond White’s girlfriend Cathy Rossi had not received the usual call from Raymond, a truck driver for 20 years, he always called in the morning, Cathy had been trying to contact him to no avail.

Girlfriend Could Not Contact Her Trucker Boyfriend

The drivers carrier was Southern Refrigerated Transport (SRT), Cathy contacted them to have them help her get a hold of Raymond. SRT is part of Covenant Transportation Group with 6 separate trucking companies including Star Transportation, SRT, and Covenant Transport.

Cathy made several phone calls that day in July and she claims the carrier was nasty with her and never even called her back. She went on Facebook and found The Missing Truck Driver Network.

Girlfriend Got Help From Facebook Member Trucker Charity Inc.

The New Mexico State Police found the truckers big rig about 12 hours later at a rest stop, Raymond was dead, from a heart attack.

They found the truck driver with the help of The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network, using the same information that Rossi had given to Southern Refrigerated Transport.

Trucking Company Too Busy To Help Their Find Missing Driver

Those nincompoops at SRT would not even help in tracking down one of their own drivers, also refused to transport the dead driver’s personal property, or belongings without the family paying them, the family could not afford to do that.

I realize that it might not be the carriers responsibility to transport the dead drivers belongings to his home, but I am 100% sure the company that I drive for would insist on making sure me and my belongings made it home, if I bit the dust on the road.

Carrier Said Pay Us First Or We Will Not Transport Drivers Belongings Home

Raymond White’s relatives found Trucker Charity Inc., they helped out Raymond’s family and friends to raise 2000 dollars, also connected them with 3 truckers who took on Raymond’s belongings and remains along with their regular cargo, it appears Raymond was cremated before the trip home.

Unfortunately it’s a common situation,” said Kerry Mullins, a secretary of the Trucker’s Charity Inc. on Monday. “Companies are going to protect themselves and say it’s the family’s responsibility. Events like these happen hundreds of times a year,” Mullins said. “It’s unfair for these families to have to go it on their own.

Kerry Mullins claims he will be contacting law makers with the help of the Owner Operator Independent Driver’s Association to make carriers take responsibility in helping to find truckers that are missing and to support families of truck drivers that have died.

Ray enjoying life.


  • Freddy Johns says:

    That carrier Southern Refrigerated Transport should be ashamed of themselves, a driver has to bend over backward to get these loads to the destinations on time, and to just blow the family off when driver is dead is unforgivable!

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