Trucker Busted For 9 Tons of Marijuana In His Tractor-Trailer


Truck Driving and Marijuanar0bz / Foter / CC BY

Truck Driving and Pot Don’t Mix

author: Robert Allen

Along side Interstate 5, at a San Clemente, Ca. highway check-point, a 43 year old man, yes a United States citizen was driving a 2006 commercial vehicle.

U.S. Border Patrol agents had the trucker proceed to the inspection area and the canine officers (dogs) got very excited.

Trucker Had To Be Pissing His Pants At This Point!

Law enforcement officers did a search of his tractor trailer and hit the jackpot, over nine tons of marijuana, to be exact 18,458 pounds with a value of around 14 million buckaroos!

We were told the large stash of weed was given to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The trailer had many pallets with 218 cardboard boxes that held a leafy substance, which was tested and confirmed to be marijuana.

I wonder if he had any successful hauls of pot that he didn’t get busted for. This type of crime has hefty penalties, including long term prison time, it’s just not worth it.

Since I am on the subject of pot, I thought I would show this video of a driver being stoned and driving a car, enjoy!



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