Truck Driver Job Description and Responsibilities


One important thing concerning a truck driver job description is the capability to keep the truck in tip-top shape. Since the truck is under the driver’s responsibility, he must make sure that the truck is working well to ensure the safety of the cargo and his safety as well.

(Duties of a truck driver)

This includes basic knowledge about the parts of the truck and how to spot if something’s wrong with it. If the truck driver has basic knowledge on fixing his vehicle, then it’s even better.

With this in mind, another important part of the truck driver regarding the job description is one’s responsibilities to keep the truck clean and orderly.

It is important to keep your truck clean

There are many truck drivers that neglect the cleanliness of their trucks. But this is a very important thing to consider especially for the trucks that transport food and other perishable materials.

All the trucking companies that I have driven for insisted that your cab interior is clean and organized, it is easy to leave it cluttered when you drive 11 hours a day, but if it is inspected by your company and not clean, you can be written up, given a warning, or even affect your bonus.

All of the companies that I have hauled for pay for a truck wash at least once a month, the cost for washing the tractor alone is around $45.00. Here is a quote of mine:

A clean truck is a happy truck!

Since the truck is under the driver’s care, he must make sure that the contents of the cargo are also in its best condition. Especially for food products, the truck driver must ensure its cleanliness and freshness.

A truck driver also holds important documents that contain the delivery details. As part of the trucker’s duties, a good driver must always bring the delivery receipts and other necessary papers to ensure that the delivery has arrived or has been received safely.

He must know the contents of the form and the name of the person who will sign. Especially if there are charges and costs concerned.

Important to know what you’re hauling

He must ensure that he the receiver has no shortages, or if so phone the trucking company he drives for to get further instructions. He is in charge of these things now that the truck and the contents of it are under his care.

A good truck driver isn’t just concerned about driving or about the condition of his truck. He must also be knowledgeable about the details of the load he is carrying for it is under his watch.

A truck driver must also know a thing or two about what he will be transporting. Having the necessary truck-driving know-how, inventory and maintenance skills will come in handy.

If you want to be confident that the course you enroll in will give you a high quality education and learning, you should check to find out whether it is certified through the Professional Truck Driver Institute.

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