Suit Against Mexican Truckers In United States By OOIDA Failed!

Truckers from Mexico in Americaroberthuffstutter / / CC BY-NC

The truckers organization (OOIDA) lost it’s lawsuit against a federal pilot program.

The program allows Mexican truckers to deliver their loads over the border into the United States.

The suit was thrown out by an appeals court.

The Court claims that the plan is consistent with the U.S. Congress’ intent.

Commercial drivers’ licenses from Mexico are invalid in the U.S.claimed the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association.

But The United States Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. dismissed their argument.

The court also dismissed claims by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters that medical standards for Mexican truck drivers aren’t up to snuff and that the pilot program is unlawful because not all Mexican vehicles are required to display a decal certifying they comply with U.S. safety standards.Reported from

Yes this plan is from the North American Free Trade Agreement which came into effect around 20 years ago, big rigs from both United States and Mexico were authorized to have complete and unhindered access to the interstates and highways on both sides of the border.

I remember when Ross Perot ran for president in 1992, he said “if the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) passed you would hear a giant sucking sound of jobs leaving the country”.

Since NAFTA passed 700,000 jobs have left this country for Mexico and 2.4 million have left for China.

I hear all the politicians giving excuses and trying to come up with plans to get new jobs here.

They know we are losing jobs because of these international agreements, the ignorant believe these agreements that are made will bring jobs and money here.

Bullshit, these agreements only give our jobs and wealth away, look where we are now, can you imagine 20 years from now!

Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association Has Appealed For A Rehearing on Mexican Trucking Program

June 5, 2021 From: Truckinginfo website.

On Monday, June 3, the Teamsters and the Sierra Club filed a joint request that asked for a rehearing on their challenge to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s long-haul cross-border trucking program.

The two groups are challenging the court’s ruling on environmental grounds because they say it undercuts the National Environmental Policy Act and violates the precedent that federal agencies must consider the environmental consequences of their actions before making decisions.

We will have to wait and see if a rehearing will even be granted, if so I am not holding my breath that they will be successful, but at least 2 groups are trying to do something.

I would think that of all the thousands of American trucking companies out there, a few of them would jump on the band wagon and protect their territory, I guess they all expect other people to fight for them, maybe they want extra competition?


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