State Troopers Driving Semi Trucks To Bust Truck Drivers!


Photo by:Dan Henry

If you live in Tennessee and drive a big rig, you might think the law can’t see you texting, not wearing seat belts, drinking, or talking on cell phone without a headset.

But now the highway patrol are using at least 1 semi truck to catch these lawbreakers.

Not only are they catching commercial vehicle drivers’ but can look down into cars, vans, smaller trucks and can see what people are doing.

Like holding a beer, sending or receiving text messages, seat belt violations, and other distracted driving abuses.

This is distracted driving!

Distraction happens when a driver voluntarily diverts attention to something that is not related to driving that uses the driver’s eyes, ears, or hands.

There are 4 types of driver distraction:

• Visual — looking at something other than the road

• Auditory — hearing something not related to driving

• Manual — manipulating something other than the wheel

• Cognitive — thinking abut something other than driving

Most distractions involve more than one of these types, with both a sensory — eyes, ears, or touch — and a mental component.

How often are drivers distracted?

Driver distraction is common in everyday driving and in crashes. Source of info

The law enforcement officers in the tractor trailer call in a violation they observe to a patrol car to pull the vehicle over.

The big truck used is taken to schools to show safety demonstrations, and is clearly marked as law enforcement so when you see it you will know it.

In the state of Tennessee there are 97 troopers that have commercial drivers licenses, so it is possible for them to get more highway patrol big rigs.

The tractor trailer driven by law enforcement is currently being utilized in the Chattanooga district.

I am not someone that likes the government controlling all aspects of our lives but I see many people everyday texting, or yacking on the phone and swerving all over the place, which is dangerous to other drivers.

So I think this is a good idea, anything to get these drivers under control. and get their attention the road.







  • Rick Biehle says:

    Seems to me that driving around a big rig just to look at other drivers is in itself a distraction… Im being serious here as I see troopers and other law enforcement typing on their laptops, watching a computer screen, or making phone calls while driving and performing unsafe maneuvers in heavy traffic. Tailgating and Speeding excessively with no emergency lights is one of the most common things I observe officers doing

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