Riding With Trucker Driving Through Western States

Truck Driving In The Wild West

I thought I would throw this video by Indiana Jack driving in the west through California and Arizona.

My favorite places to drive are in the west, especially Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. They have wide open spaces, less traffic, (except in big cities).I like seeing those giant cactus in Arizona.

My least favorite places to drive are east toward the east coast, congested traffic, fewer places to park a big rig, lot of toll roads, I am not even going to mention New York City, I only go through there if I have to, not very often.

No there is not much of that critical truck driver information on this post that you have come to expect from my blog, just a passenger seat for you and a little bit of time with a real trucker driving in the good ole American West.

I am just returning to Iowa from Oregon today. 07/12/2016 here’s a picture.

Driving semi truck in the west

driving big rig in oregon



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Riding With Trucker Driving Through Western States
Riding in big rig truck through the west with truck driver Indiana Jack.
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Real Truck Driver
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