Passing A Semi Truck Ends Up In Head On Collision Video

Trying to pass a semi truck leads to a head on collision video!

Being an over the road truck driver, I see stupid and dangerous maneuvers on the road every day. Not only cars but once in awhile a big rig also.

I have cars cut right in front of me, then slow down fast to get off on an exit, I think that bugs me the most, cars swerving in front of me before exiting, there has also been a semi that did that, very dangerous.

I also get pissed off when I am going the speed limit, and a car passes me, then slows down to less than the speed that I am traveling and he or she is not exiting, but just does not want to be behind a semi truck.

I am going to try to find a device to mount my video camera and record the road in front of me so that I can post these stupid drivers on Youtube myself.

I have seen a number of accidents in 13 years of being a truck-driver, people trying to save 3 or 4 minutes of time to get home from work, or late for work, or whatever stupid reason for putting their or other peoples lives in danger on the road.


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