Newest Rule-Electronic Onboard Recorders-To Be Placed In Big Rigs

Are you ready for the newest rule to be put on truckers?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is planning to publish a new rule that electronic on-board recorders be put in commercial vehicles.

They are also called electronic logging devices to be passed this year and the requirement that all commercial drivers have them installed in their trucks.

Couldn’t they give us a break on new regulations for a year or so, they are going crazy!

Ok, I have been using electronic logs for the past few years, I really had a tough time making the change from paper logs, but there are a lot of truckers that will not be happy having to use electronic logs, and not paper logs, I know drivers that have switched carriers just to keep using paper logs!

It appears that the Department of Transportation will require more information from your truck than what is currently provided with the current paperless logs, I would not be surprised that soon the D.O.T. will want to have access to your electronic logs electronically, like your company has now.

An update was provided this week in the Department of Transportation’s semi-annual status report, which said that the EOBR rule would consist of four basic parts: (1) setting standards for the EOBR devices themselves, (2) the requirement that drivers use them, (3) requirements for other hours-of-service support documents and (4) measures to mitigate harassment of drivers by either carriers or enforcement officials. This quote from: CCJ

Also a new drug and alcohol clearinghouse rule to be proposed this month by the Department of Transportation, this so called clearinghouse establishes a database of those drivers that have failed either an alcohol, or drug testing or if they even refused to take the test.

Attention-New Drug and Alcohol Database Rule!

The rule would also require the truckers carriers to submit reports after a trucker fails or refuses the testing. This rule would also give transportation carriers the option of checking the database when truck drivers apply with an applicant’s (truckers) written consent.

I don’t think the D.O.T. likes us truckers, regulations kill growth, isn’t the government trying to improve the economy?

Update! More New Rules On The Way!

Rule that will modify the requirements for DOT certified medical examiners and yet another rule that would affect truckers with sleep apnea. They must have a team of people working on this stuff.


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