New Truck Driver Regulations Are Hurting Trucking Companies-Raising Costs


Barbara Hunt, vice president of the Indiana Motor Truck Association (IMTA) claims that the new rules will make it harder to acquire drivers, the trucking industry already has a shortage of truck drivers. The newest trucker rules make the work week shorter, and hurting the carriers.

The federal regulations, which took effect July 1, involve two major changes that reduce how many hours truck drivers are allowed behind the wheel. A 34-hour “restart” provision limits the hours a driver will be allowed on the road during a seven-day period. Previously, a driver could accumulate up to 82 hours in seven days, but the new rule caps the maximum number of hours at 70 per week by limiting when and how often a driver can take the “restart”—which must include two rest periods between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. quoted from

Many truckers’ do their driving at night to steer clear of rush hour and traffic congestion, now need to drive in the daytime. Some drivers, need to pick up their loads over the weekend but can’t because they need a full 7 days from last reset for their hours to reset again.

Carriers  that allow their drivers to go over the limits set by the feds by over three hours can be fined a staggering $11,000. for each occurrence, plus the driver can face fines up to $2750 for each offense.

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) predicts a loss of $95,000,000. to $376,000,000. to the United States trucking industry. The Indiana Motor Truck Association projects a loss to carriers of 2 to 14% in productivity.
President and chief executive officer of Best Way Express, Incorporated expects 5 to 9% losses in productivity, in the end, it becomes a man power issue, he says. 
The bottom line is it’s going to take more people to get the same amount of work done, and it’s going to cost more to do that,” says Dunn. “We’d like to say we can pass those costs on to shippers, but the shippers are pretty good at pushing back. Shippers aren’t willing to pay for the lower productivity, so we’re picking it up right now.

This will increase costs to trucking companies, thereby hiking prices to their customers, the prices will be raised at the gas stations, stores, most items that consumers buy will be raised.

If you had loads that took 10 drivers to get done might take 11 or 12 truckers to get done.


  • susan transpo says:

    The new H.O.S. regulations are terrible, just when we have a shortage of truck drivers, and now have to start out later than usual because of the restart rules,

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