New and Improved-2014 Freightliner Cascadia Evolution Semi Truck

Big Updates To The 2014 Model Cascadia Evolution By Freightliner

The Cascadia Evolution first came out in 2013, more than 15000 of these Freightliners have been sold, Freightliner claims that this model significantly reduces the over all total cost of owning the truck.

The new Evolution incorporates several frontal area updates designed to improve airflow and aerodynamics including a new air dam, bumper closure and a hood-to-bumper fill. The rig also includes an improved windshield seal, elliptical-shaped aerodynamic mirrors and an integrated antenna. New wheel covers on the rear tandem axles, chassis side fairings and 20-inch side extenders further contribute to the truck’s efficiency reports Today’s Trucking.

The Evolution comes with a Detroit DD15 engine, has improvements to efficiency that give an additional 7% fuel saving over their 2010 Cascadia and 5% better fuel mileage than the 2013 Cascadia, one reason being aerodynamic upgrades built into the tractor.

This truck has a Detroit Virtual Technician System which will decrease maintenance problems by reducing diagnostic time, and giving real time engine diagnostics, and this is standard equipment!

It has an increased durability to the cooling system with a better cooling capacity, improved baffling system, new radiator mounting design, to top it off has a 1400 square inch radiator.

The cost of the new 2014 Freightliner Cascadia truck? You are looking around $138,000. which would be the cost with a manual transmission.

I might buy mine today, but first will have to check my checking account, crap I just checked the account, my wife went shopping again, maybe next year 🙁


  1. I’ll have to say, as a 19yr veteran driver I’ve never been more disappointed in a truck than the 2014 cascadia. Its by far the least driver friendly freightliner they’ve ever built. I absolutely hate this truck with a passion. I’d list all I think is wrong but what’s the point..

      1. You still like your Cascadia? I’m thinking of getting a Cascadia Evolution; and nobody has either good or bad to say about this thing…frustrating…

          1. Hi Robert, whats the average MPG you’re getting with your truck? I just ordered my 2016 Evolution. Looking forward to getting it.


          2. Last week I got an average of 8.45 m.p.g. I drive a 2012 Cascadia at the moment, transmission manufacturer has experimental parts on this truck that they are testing, some of our 2015s’ get around 11. The new 2016 Evolution should get better than these.

        1. I have been in my 2014 Cascadia Evolution for a month now and absolutely love it!! Been driving a little bit of everything over 28 years in trucking and the performance and fuel economy is great.

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