Gay Trucker Ad Upsets Truck Drivers Association of Greece


gay ad upsets Greek truckers

Greek video advertisement depicting gay man picking up a hitch hiker.

Controversial Gay Greek Trucker ad Video

An online travel agency decides to put an ad out showing a supposed gay trucker attempting to seduce a younger male hitchhiker.

This advertisement has created a shitstorm, many truck drivers from Greece are demanding that the ad be removed. The Truck Drivers Association of Greece claims that the advertisement is insulting to the truck driving profession.

This statement is from the Greek Truck Drivers Association:

“in the last days, our association has received many messages of drivers protesting against the offensive advertisement, which insults, defames, provokes and humiliates unjustifiably an entire sector of thousands of workers who struggle day and night to make a living for their families. Truck drivers contribute a lot to the commercial activity, which is one of the basic economic pillars of the country.”

The Truck Drivers Association of Greece also says that we are looking for the company’s written explanation in the TV channels and press and to all of the Greek truckers out there.

According to Greek Reporter This risqué ad spot that upset truck drivers so much depicts a young hitch hiker getting in a semi truck, then all of a sudden it lights up in pink and the trucker blows him a provocative kiss and uses a Greek double entendre that has a sexual connotation. The ad has also angered gay rights organizations who have said that they find it offensive.

I don’t know why anyone cares at all, do the truckers think that people will think that they are all gay because of 1 stupid ad?

Nobody at all likes the ad, neither the truckers, The Truck Drivers Association of Greece, or gay rights organizations, why are they all making statements, they should know it will make the ad go viral and many more people will see it.

If it wasn’t for everyone making statements I would never even know about it here in America. The people that this ad should make mad is the trucking companies for showing a driver picking up any hitchhiker, they could rob you, kill you, steal your load.

This is a vampire version of the gay video from Airfasttickets

This is a very strange video for an Iphone/Ipad game called Truckers Delight

Trucker Tuesday video, a couple flamboyant guys trying out an old computer trucking game that is 7 years old! Very entertaining.

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