Frozen Air To Be Tested To Power Engines Of Commercial Vehicles

photo credit - Energy Live News

Frozen Air Powered Commercial Vehicles In The Future?

We have been informed that frozen air is to be utilized in commercial vehicles, in engines that contain liquid nitrogen. 

A Team from the  Dearman Engine company, Loughborough University, engineering testers MIRA, and the frozen air power firm Air Products are striving to show off their design by the year 2014.

Another Frozen Air Project: The journey to a cooler, greener planet may start with a breath of fresh air, suggests a battery technology under development that could rapidly solve one of the biggest problems with wind and solar energy.

The air we breathe is about 78 percent nitrogen, a gas that turns to liquid at -321 degrees Fahrenheit. extracting carbon dioxide and water vapor from the air, chilling the nitrogen to its liquid state and storing it in a giant vacuum flask. NBC News

Ok, now back to the red hot story of powering big rigs with frozen air, and no batteries used for power.

A week ago, a grant was awarded from the Technology Strategy Board, this is the United Kingdom’s innovation agency, to the developers.

The grant will be used for building and testing the liquid air engine in a commercial vehicle.

By boiling liquid air (Nitrogen), it produces high pressure gas that is used to power a piston engine.


  • Fleetguard Filters says:

    Liquid Air Engines sounds like the stuff of dreams. How amazing to see such an idea being talked about in helping to reduce costs to truckers.

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