Drunk Truck Driver Arrested By State Patrol

This Minnesota State Patrol dash-cam video shows just how dangerous a drunk driver can be to motorists.

Trucking has changed since I started driving, we didnt have dash cams or g.p.s., and cell phones were rare, we used calling cards on a public phone.

Inebriated truck driver busted

Don”t drink and drive in a big rig


The driver of the semi-truck on Highway 10 in Morrison County was pulled over after swerving off the road, nearly taking out road signs.

This truck driver is so inebriated that he cant walk, but is driving.

The driver was so intoxicated he fell to the ground when stepped out of the truck. Story from: LIveleak.com

I bet this drivers trucking company was not happy.

Drunk Truck Driver Arrested By State Patrol
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Drunk Truck Driver Arrested By State Patrol
Truck driver gets arrested for driving big rig in Minnesota while he was drunk.
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Real Truck Driver Blog
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