Driver Vision Exemption Change Proposed By The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Will The F.M.C.A. Ease Exemption Rules For Commercial Truck Driver Vision Requirements?

Changes to granting exemptions for driver vision requirements are being proposed by the F.M.C.A. (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).Driver Vision Exemption

They actually want to ease the standards for granting the exemptions.

Comments are being sought after on the plan of shortening the experience level, that is mandated for commercial truck drivers to get an exemption.

The agency looking for the comments is from the Federal Register notice.

Under current rules, the agency considers exemptions on a case-by-case basis for drivers who have three years of intrastate experience immediately before the application. The drivers are required to meet numerous other standards, including no suspensions, citations or convictions for a serious traffic violation. This is quoted from

There are a few options that are being considered, the first is to require only 1 year of experience, instead of the current 3 years.

Another option that is being considered is to eliminate any experience requirements at all.

From: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

An individual may apply for an exemption from the diabetes and vision standard, section 391.41(b)(3) and 391.41(b)(10) of the regulation, by utilizing these programs. If you do not currently meet the diabetes and/or vision standard and are unable to obtain a medical card, you may be an eligible candidate.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will be accepting comments concerning the proposed rule (, Docket No. FMCSA-2013-0097) for a total of thirty days.


    1. Vision waivers should be granted to monocular vision drivers because FMCSA did a study and found the monocular vision drivers are just as safe as others, to delay a wavier is discrimination.

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