Do Truckers Carry Guns-I Need Protection

Do Truckers Carry Guns?

What You Need To Know About Gun Laws When You’re A Truck Driver

A lot of truck drivers want to protect themselves from road dangers by carrying a gun with them. However, when you’re crossing many state lines, gun laws may become a bit fuzzy. Lets review, do truckers carry guns.

Understand Where Your Gun Permit Will Be Valid

There have been a number of cases where a truck driver could carry his or her gun in their home state, but when they crossed into another state it wasn’t valid. This resulted in some steep fines and in a few cases, jail time for those drivers.

If you’re going to have a gun on your truck, it’s vital to understand where your gun permit is legal and valid and where it’s not legal or valid. Do truckers carry guns legally? has a chart that you can interact with that will tell you where it’s legal and where it’s not.

Check Out Their Map And See If Your Permit Is Legal In The States That You Travel In.

1. Ensure that the states you’re in recognize and see your permit as legal before you enter said state by using the highlighted section “States That Honor My Permit”.

states where concealed carry is legal for truckers

2. Choose the state where you received your permit and see what shows up. It will show other states that will honor your permit so that you know where you can safely take your gun with you while you’re over the road.

conceal carry states for truckers

Dark Blue: Shall Issue to Residents Only:Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Guam, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming
Blue: Shall Issue to Residents and Non-Residents:
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington
May Issue to Residents Only:
California, Delaware, New York City, Virgin Islands
May Issue to Residents and Non-Residents:
Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York
Right Denied:
American Samoa, N. Mariana Islands
Do Truckers Carry Guns Image

                                Trucker Gun Laws Facts

Additionally, there are federal as well as state laws that all drivers must adhere to in order carry your gun.

A lot of the larger carriers won’t even allow a driver to carry a gun with them while they are over the road.

If said drivers are caught with a weapon on board they will lose their job and face potential jail time.

A benefit to being an owner-operator is that you can follow your own rules and won’t have to abide by any company rules. Federal and state laws will still apply, however.

While traveling through states that don’t honor said permit you’ll have to unload your weapon and lock it up in a container or compartment where you can’t easily access it.

I hope that answers the question, do truckers carry guns legally.

Do Truckers Carry Guns-I Need Protection
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Do Truckers Carry Guns-I Need Protection
In a country that is getting more violent, I want to know, do truckers carry guns for protection. Truck drivers should be able to protect themselves.
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  1. I have never had an incident in which I needed a gun out of 13 years of driving. Jim Simpson points out a lot of the information that people should really consider. It’s fine that people want to say no law says you can’t carry in a commercial vehicle. But do you really want to deal with the hassle?

    State law is not the same, companies have policies that are not the same and a lot of shippers/receivers don’t allow guns on the property. What are you going to do with your gun?

    To me it is just not worth the potential trouble. But to each his/her own. But then, I am someone who cringes and think it is silly when those guys are riding up to inspection stations refusing to show ID and not rolling the window down, citing their rights. I get it, but you know why those guys are doing what they do, it’s not just to be aggravating to you personally.

    I don’t know, I just don’t see how the benefit overall of carrying out weight the potential drama for carrying it. People cite self protection, but I never experienced when I needed it in 13 yrs.

    There was a time that I interviewed a DOT here in North Carolina. What I learned is here…

  2. Geez! I just drove from AZ to MA and back with my LCP in my pocket or on my bed in my van. I have Constitutional Carry here in AZ. Are they trying to make me a felon? Aren’t there enough real bad guys to chase? It’s rather insane, and just plain wrong. I sure didn’t feel like a felon. I didn’t even have any evil intent.

  3. Another problem with carrying guns are federal installations. I e. Military bases. You are not allowed to carry any weapons and must declare them at point of entry it is a felony if your caught. This also applies to ports. This also did not mention cross borders. Canada and Mexico. Especially mexico

  4. It’s more complicated than what is stated.

    First, the maps here work better:

    Let’s say you have an Alabama carry permit as an Alabama resident. You’re in Virginia (where your carry permit is recognized) with a load going to Vermont or Maine (where you also have full carry rights). But in between is a bunch of shit. Pennsylvania doesn’t recognize your carry permit but at least they are OK with you owning the piece at all, unloaded and locked under the bunk. The worst are New Jersey and New York where having it in those states at all (even unloaded and in a lockbox under the bed) is a felony.

    Now, you are protected by FOPA if you’re careful. FOPA is a 1986 federal law that says if your gun is legally owned in one state and in the state you’re going to, states in between can’t fuck with you as long as it’s unloaded and locked away. It does NOT give you carry rights. Capische? *But don’t park overnight in the trouble states in the middle!* It’s not really safe to eat there. Fuel and piss if you have to, no more than that.

    Next issue. If your packing violates company policy you cannot be arrested just for that. But there IS a way to get fucked. Say in this hypothetical you get pulled over in New Jersey. Somehow Mr. Piggie find the gun – unloaded and locked because you’re following the FOPA safe harbor. Great. Except the fucker can call your company, report you, get you thrown off the truck and now guess what? You’ve stopped in NJ with an unregistered boomtoy. Felony bust. Would it hold up in court? I have no idea. This won’t work at all if you’re in a state where either ownership of the gun is legal or full-on carry is.

    Another problem…Maryland. If they run your commercial driver’s license (or regular non-commercial DL) they seem to have the ability to figure out if you have a concealed weapons permit from another state and have at times used that for probable cause to search you and your vehicle.


    Maryland is also the only state I know of declaring assisted penning folding knives “switchblades” (felony of course) so watch out for that. Folding knives of all sorts are trouble in NYC because of a cop can snap it open, felony switchblade bust again. Fuck. Keep them completely concealed in NYC, not poking out via pocket clip.

    California is OK on ownership as long as mags are 10rd or under, no threaded barrel ends and no .410cal revolvers (Taurus Judge or the like). Those are all felonies to import.

    Oh, and as much as I distrust Trump he’s promised to sign a 50-state carry permit reciprocity bill, and the GOP Congress will put it on his desk.

    I distrust Trump but I despise Hillary.

    I’m a former California state lobbyist for CCRKA, the political wing of SAF (Second Amendment Foundation). I was thrown out of the California NRA in 2002 for being too radical and I’m America’s weirdest amateur gunsmith.

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