Desperate For Work Many Unemployed Getting Truck Driving Jobs

I hear about the unemployment rate on the radio, and businesses closing down, there are places in this country where people are desperate to get a job, a lot of people are looking at the trucking industry for employment.

Lets face it you can’t just walk off the street and get hired by a company, and get behind the wheel of a truck and start driving, there are background checks, training, tests, and a physical. After you get past that, you can make decent money driving a truck.

If you go through truck driver training and pass, the employment rate  is a whopping 90% after graduating.

I do not like being away from home all week and then staying home for one and a half to 2 days, but there are no factory jobs, or any employment around that I could make anywhere near what I make trucking.

With companies like Hostess, Campbell’s, and Comcast closing down, some workers are now applying for jobs for the first time in decades.

One industry that’s booming is truck driving, a career that’s attracting young and old from all walks of life. (Full article here)

To go through the 4 week training program to get your CDL or commercial drivers license will cost you around four thousand dollars. But you could do what I did and go through a trucking company that will pay for your schooling.

Join A Trucking Company That Will Pay For Your Schooling

You might have to pay a fraction of the money, if you hook up with a company to pay for your training, I think I paid $200. They do require you to drive for them for a period of time. I started out with Swift, and drove for them for 6 months then started driving for a different trucking company.


  1. Trucking is also a way of life for me and think it a great career but don’t think is should be pursued just because someone needs a job.

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