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Drunk Truck Driver Arrested By State Patrol

Inebriated truck driver busted

This Minnesota State Patrol dash-cam video shows just how dangerous a drunk driver can be to motorists. Trucking has changed since I started driving, we didnt have dash cams or g.p.s., and cell phones were rare, we used calling cards on a public phone.   The driver of the semi-truck on Highway 10 in Morrison […]

Truck Drivers View Of The Holiday Season Video

holiday time for truck drivers

Holiday Season From Behind The Steering Wheel It’s cooling down here and Christmas is fast approaching, this is the most difficult time of the year for truckers. This is a sacrifice of the over the road truck driver. Besides truck drivers being away from their family, there is snow, ice, and cold freezing weather to […]

Top 10 Truck Driver Songs For Big Rig Driving

songs for truck drivers

I drive around 11 hours a day, I listen to a lot of talk radio including Howard Stern, Michael Savage, and Whitley Strieber. But you can’t listen to talk radio all day, you need a mixture of things to listen to, to keep your mind stimulated. Facebook fans have voted these tunes their favorite trucking […]

Riding With Trucker Driving Through Western States

Driving semi truck in the west

Truck Driving In The Wild West I thought I would throw this video by Indiana Jack driving in the west through California and Arizona. My favorite places to drive are in the west, especially Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. They have wide open spaces, less traffic, (except in big cities).I like seeing those giant cactus […]