Are You Thinking of Becoming A Truck Driver? New Trucker Info

Thinking of becoming a truck driver? There are trucking companies hiring drivers for as much as $68,000.00 a year. The average earnings for a U.S. truck driver are around $50,000 a year. Data from

This depends on what state you are out of, Mississippi is highest average salary of $68000. You may run out of a state that averages under $40,000.

The lowest paying states for truckers are Hawaii and Alaska.

becoming a truck driver

Driving a big rig job.

You can find trucking companies hiring new drivers for $40,000 a year, but maybe your in a hiring area that pays only in the $30,000 range

And while many other industries are threatened by the recession, truck drivers continue to be in demand.

There will always be merchandise to be delivered across the United States and Canada.

Truck driving is therefore quite a secure career, with drivers rarely ever losing their jobs due to lay-offs.

Of course, while driving a truck might seem simple enough, it is not that easy being a truck driver.

First, you need to qualify as a truck driver. To become a truck driver, you will first need a commercial driver’s license (CDL), which shows you have the ability to handle an enormous tractor and trailer weighing up to 40 tons when loaded.

New advances in technology are greatly enhancing the life of a trucker.  These computers are getting very complicated. A trucking company can track how fast the truck is moving as it is moving,  how long it has been on the move,  fuel economy,  idle time,  engine rpm,  and on and on!  It is amazing what has come and what IS coming soon! Source-Truckers Report

Becoming a truck driver is learning how to drive a large truck and get qualified for a CDL by going to trucking school. Some of the new drivers also provide their own training. They will probably require you to stay with them for 6 months to a year in exchange for the training.

This is probably the easiest way to get started as a truck driver, as most trucking companies hiring licensed drivers are looking for those who have several seasons of experience.

Once you have your CDL, you’re ready to begin working as a truck driver.

Nearly all truck drivers begin as over the road (OTR) drivers, which means they have to drive long distances, which can keep them away from home for as long as three weeks.

You can also find trucking companies hiring drivers to serve a single state.
Such local truck driving jobs are not as easy to come by, though. Expect to begin with OTR driving, which is going to be tough if you have a family. Driving a truck across the country is a job more suited to single people who like to go places.

Even if you start out as an OTR driver, though, you can still hope to find a local truck-driving job in the future. One thing’s for sure. Once you become a truck driver, expect to spend a lot of time in your truck on the road.
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You get to visit a lot of new places by being a truck driver. This is a boon for people who enjoy traveling on their own. Of course, most of this travel time will be spent inside your truck.

Be prepared to sleep in your truck too. You’ll also need to drive through the night at other times.

The truck driver’s lifestyle might seem to offer plenty of freedom, but in truth, drivers are bound by their schedules and deadlines and are kept track of by their employers.

The lifestyle does offer plenty of solitude, which many truckers enjoy. Keep up with the new trucker info.

Many trucking companies hiring now offer decent pay and good benefits. You can get the best pay from companies based in Mississippi, Wyoming, and New York. Truck drivers can earn $60,000 and above in these states.

Most trucking companies give you health insurance with medical and dental coverage, paid vacation time and sick leave, and a retirement plan. The company will cover your toll, fuel and maintenance costs.

For some, trucking may offer the ideal lifestyle. It is a pretty secure job, being always in demand, and offers decent pay and benefits. If you’re sure you’ve got what it takes at becoming a truck driver and to handle the job and lifestyle of truck driving, go on and give it a try.

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