3200 Truckers Denied Jobs Because Of J.B. Hunt-Drug Hair Testing Program

Drug Hair Testing On Truckers

(J.B. Hunt’s drug screening program clips a hair sample for them, the testing company is Arkansas Occupational Health Clinic, Brittany Jordan is the tester).

A whopping 3200 drivers wishing to drive for JB Hunt were told “no way” because drugs were found in their system when their hair was tested. 1700 of these trucking applicants for J.B. Hunt had cocaine in their system, since may of 2006.

Our federal government has on the books regulations that say urinalysis is the one and only universally recognized and accepted way of drug testing for trucking companies.

Transportation companies can add their own pre employment screening with tougher testing,  for example from the hair, but are forbidden to release these finding to anyone but their human resources people.

Most of these drivers that were not hired by J.B. Hunt are working for other trucking companies and driving a big rig because the vast majority of trucking firms do not do hair follicle tests.

More And More Transportation Companies Are Requiring Hair Samples For Drug Tests Before Hiring

With a urine test, drivers that take drugs can be off drugs for as little as 24 hours, (depending on what drugs they take) and then pass the drug test.

Hair testings success rate in identifying those lifestyle users is what makes that method superior, proponents say.

Follicle samples — usually collected by cutting or shaving an inch-and-a-half of hair — can detect drug use as far back as 90 days. Current methods of testing accepted by the DOT go back only about 48 hours. Quote from: Arkansas Business

The Trucking Alliance and the Arkansas Trucking Association both of which are advocacy groups (North Little Rock’s Maverick and J.B. Hunt are members) are determined to make either legislative changes or regulatory ones to the rules set forth by the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.).

These regulations are based upon the guide lines imposed by the Health & Human Services, trucking company advocates want to change the current legislation which would allow transportation companies their own choice of which testing options they could give.

Besides that to allow them to report any positive drug tests from truckers to trucking companies and others in the trucking industry.

Look for legislation some time this year in both houses of Congress that will make hair follicle analysis a standard for trucking companies. The president of the Arkansas Trucking Association, has claimed that co-sponsors are currently being recruited for legislation that will make these changes possible.

The first big transportation company to use hair follicle testing 7 years ago was J.B. Hunt. Since then other trucking companies have implemented hair testing.

Their are extra costs, and these trucking businesses can not share their finding has not stopped these companies from using this drug testing methods for truck driver applicants.

Between May 2006 through February 2013, J.B. Hunt claims that they tested 64,814 commercial drivers. The results were that more than 94 percent were negative on both the urine and hair tests.

Less than 5 percent of the hair tests came back with positive drug results, but that percentage of positive drug tests for the truck drivers represents greater than 3,000 drivers.

I really don’t care myself if they hair test or not, my last joint I smoked was back in the 1980s, crap, I shouldn’t have wrote that, I might run for president some day!

3200 Truckers Denied Jobs Because Of J.B. Hunt-Drug Hair Testing Program
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3200 Truckers Denied Jobs Because Of J.B. Hunt-Drug Hair Testing Program
J.B. Hunt drug testing from hair on commercial truck drivers, for pre employment.
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Real Truck Driver
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  1. The reason why dot has not taken to hair follicle is because it has a high level of false positive results. For example if a person showers at a gym with person that has used steroids their is a high probability the hair will be contaminated by close proximity and anyone in the shower will have positive result for steroids in hair follicle test. Also if a person has a surgery or dental work they will also test positive for opiates with no prescription they will be fired. Many people that live in large city’s have daily contamination in their hair from drug residue from street dust , exhaust, chemical plant discharge. If all trucking companies start this their will be class action law suits brought against them due the the overwhelming false positives the test gives.

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