Truck Drivers View Of The Holiday Season Video

Holiday Season From Behind The Steering Wheel

December is here, and Christmas is fast approaching, this is the most difficult time of the year for truckers.

Besides truck drivers being away from family, you have snow, ice, and cold weather to contend with, frigid temperatures is also hard on the rig and equipment.

This video is a truckers view on being away on the road on holidays and Christmas.



  1. This is a touching video right here… I thank all the drivers out there who are not making it home for the holidays. I like to always say how you can look anywhere in your room and not one thing was not brought to you by a trucker. These holidays are a time to be thankful, and this was a nice video to show those out there who do not understand!

  2. Truck drivers deserve our support and appreciation for their commitment to deliver our needs. Without them, we would most likely collapse as a society. Thank you all truckers for everything you do!

  3. This is only one of the sacrifices of a truck driver. That is why we have to be always thankful for those full or braveness and sacrifices men and women who choose to deliver your presents and other stuffs on a holiday. They choose to be away from their loved ones, from their children and partner just to fulfill the duty that they have promised to you. Thank you to all the drivers around the world!

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