Truck Driver Road Rage and Fighting on Highway Video

Big Rig Driver Road Rage Video A trucker driving on the 405 Freeway at Beach Boulevard, California threw something glass that blew up claims a driver of a pickup truck. The pickup driver got out of his vehicle to confront the furious truck driver after the trucker threatened him with a metal pipe. As you […]

Best Bluetooth Headset For Truck Drivers Review

blue-tooth headset for professional drivers

The Best Bluetooth Headset For Truck Drivers If you are a person on the go, you definitely need a hands-free means of communication, your best partner would be a VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250-XT Bluetooth Wireless Headset. It’s very important to choose the right Bluetooth device so as to not disrupt important calls and business transactions. […]

Headless Driver Prank Video

head-less pranking video

This is a funny prank video, this guy appears headless and drives through fast food drive-through. I don’t know why farting pranks are so funny to me but this is great. Blowing a train horn in front of unsuspecting people. Young kid flirting with women.  

Suit Against Mexican Truckers In United States By OOIDA Failed!

Truckers from Mexico in Americaroberthuffstutter / / CC BY-NC The truckers organization (OOIDA) lost it’s lawsuit against a federal pilot program. The program allows Mexican truckers to deliver their loads over the border into the United States. The suit was thrown out by an appeals court. The Court claims that the plan is consistent […]