Best Trucker CB Radio Review-Cobra 29 LX

truckers cb radio

Cobra 29 LX CB Radio Video People that want to take advantage of stellar communication will be able to take advantage of the Cobra 29 LX CB radio. This is a radio that allows people to communicate for a lot of different reasons. “Reader’s Choice/CB Magazines Choice – Cobra 29 LX” Whether you want to […]

Vampire Truck Driver From Utah Held Sex Slaves In Trailer

Sharpened Teeth Of The Vampire Big Rig Driver

A Vampire Fanged Trucker In Utah Has Been Accused Of Holding Sex Slaves In A Semi Trailer For Many Months! A truck driver in Utah traveled around the nation with sex slaves undetected in his semi trailer for months at a time. He altered their appearance, filed down their teeth and beat them into unconsciousness […]

Semi Tractor Jumps 102 Ft. Breaks Record-Video

Jumping big Truck sets REcord

Ash Nichols from Southern Australian is the driver of the big rig tractor, shown in the video. His team is called the Rum Jungle Trucking Company, which consist of  Andrew, Ali, Ash, and Luke driving big rigs on dirt tracks motor-cross style. To pull off the jump shown in the video, Nichols crew used the […]

Many Truckers Are Still Driving While Using A Cell Phone

Truck Driver Cell Phone Fines

Cellphone usage while operating a commercial vehicle has been a nationwide ban for more than 2 years so far. But law officers continue having problems with truckers talking or texting on hand-held cell-phones while driving. A CBS 7 reporter rode with a Midland, Texas Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer and witnessed in person numerous drivers are […]

Health Of A Truck Driver-The Dark Side Of Trucking

Fat Trucker Diet

Most truck drivers will tell you their life is not an easy one, approximately 3.5 million people in the nation make their living by driving a truck. The hours that they work and their schedules they manage are difficult to say the least. Truck drivers work up to an average of 30 hours more than […]

Custom Tractor Trailer Art-Decorated Truck Pictures


Image Credit: Rhino Award websites ( Art on Eighteen Wheels Art can show up anywhere, in any conceivable place, on any conceivable surface, and for just about any conceivable reason. Art on vehicles is nothing new, of course, with custom paint jobs, bus ads and murals, graffiti on the sides of trains…the list goes on […]