Will Class 8 Fuel Economy Ever Improve?

Will Class 8 Fuel Economy Ever Improve?

Diesel fuel today is 40% below 2014 prices, but the trucking industry hasn’t answered nagging fuel economy questions. Can we reduce transportation costs by making trucks more fuel efficient? Better fuel economy would soften the blow of rising fuel prices, but how do we get there from here? NACFE study follows 14 fleets Freight companies […]

Self Driving Trucks Inch Closer To The Road

self driving trucks article

While some people tout self driving trucks as the answer to the truck driver shortage, the reality is that the technology is not quite ready for prime time. Testing of self driving trucks is underway, however in a number of places. Before the end of this decade, driverless trucks may be on the road. Players […]

Do Truckers Carry Guns-I Need Protection

truck driver gun laws

Do Truckers Carry Guns? What You Need To Know About Gun Laws When You’re A Truck Driver A lot of truck drivers want to protect themselves from road dangers by carrying a gun with them. However, when you’re crossing many state lines, gun laws may become a bit fuzzy. Lets review, do truckers carry guns. […]

Truck driver pay debate rages on

Truck driver pay debate rages on

If you want to start a debate in transportation circles, bring up the subject of truck driver pay. The issue of pay is a thorny one, and many in the trucking industry are struggling to come to agreement on the best way to pay drivers. Detention raises significant issues Typically, firms compensate truck drivers by […]

Truck Driver Prevails In OSHA Claims

Truck drivers prevail in OSHA claims

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) awarded a Massachusetts truck driver back pay and reinstatement after losing his job in 2012. An OSHA investigation found that the company fired him for refusing to violate safety regulations to complete a delivery. Hours of service was core issue According to OSHA, the driver was supposed to […]

Nikola One Hybrid Electric Truck Orders Soar

Nikola One Hybrid Truck Orders Soar

Last month, Nikola Motor Company announced receipt of more than 7,000 pre-orders for its Nikola One electric hybrid truck. To pre-order, a prospective customer would also have to place a refundable, $1,500 deposit. The Nikola One, which is not yet in production, comes with a $375,000 purchase price tag. Customers can also lease a vehicle […]

Truck crash with Tesla Focuses on Autopilot

Truck crash with Tesla Focuses on Autopilot

May’s fatal collision between a Tesla automobile and a semi-truck is focusing investigators on Tesla’s autopilot function. Josh Brown, a Tesla engineer, died when his Model S collided with a semi truck and trailer. Witnesses said the Tesla under-rode a semi crossing a Florida highway. Tesla driver had autopilot engaged Tesla’s Autonomous System, which can […]

California Truck Drivers Oppose Marijuana Bid

CA truck drivers oppose marijuana bid

The California Teamsters Union has sided with other industry groups to oppose a ballot initiative that may appear before voters in November. If passed, the initiative would legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The Teamsters Union joins law enforcement advocates, small farmers and others who also oppose the plan. Truck Drivers Not Philosophically Opposed According […]

NYC Pays Truck Drivers $14M for Parking Tickets

NYC Pays Truck Drivers $14M for Parking Tickets

New York City has agreed to pay $14 million to settle a lawsuit brought by truck drivers over parking tickets. The New York Trucking and Delivery Association filed the class action lawsuit in Brooklyn in 2011. The lawsuit alleged that the City improperly issued parking tickets to commercial truck drivers to raise revenue. City made […]